I am a research assistant and lecturer in philosophy at Tübingen University and a research associate in philosophy at Heidelberg University. My main interests lie with ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics, metaphilosophy, Aristotle, Kant and post-Kantian idealism (especially Fichte and Hegel). My D.Phil. dissertation (2012, Oxford University) focused on Hegel’s concept of free will. Together with Prof. Dr. Thom Brooks (Durham), I edited the collection „Hegel’s Political Philosophy: On the Normative Significance of Method and System“ (Oxford University Press, to be published on 11th of May 2017, see ‚book‘-section). My current work focuses on notions of constructivism and realism in political philosophy and on questions of method in metaphysics.

You can find my site at the University of Tübingen here: http://www.izew.uni-tuebingen.de/das-team/dr-sebastian-stein.html